*The New Economy

Projects 1
- Writing a book on "The New Economy - The Perfect Economy"
Author ID C-3245910 Project ID 803411
Projects 2
- Conduct classes on "Fishing in the New Economy" by Udemy.com and provide consultancy on solving business problems and solutions by GilbertTanTS.sg
Projects 3
- Start an online school on the New Economy run by Udemy.com
Projects 4
- The Bread of Life Foundation/Support Willing Hearts
Projects 5
- Support *United Nations with IPR on Technology Inventions/Research
*Thru our position of Singapore seat in the UN
*Especially IMF/World Bank to alleviate poverty
Project 6
- 20% profit contribution from Smart Homes projects from GilbertTanTS.sg
- Profit in Investments from Startups in our technologies -
3D Search Engine, Intelligent OS using Super AI, 6G Using Sound thru Optical, Microwaves, Electric Pulses, Controlled access using Routing by MAC, IP and NAT, Hacking into anything by hitting it with inputs to study outputs.
- Register our own trademark "Genius" for PCs/Tablets/Mobiles
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